Monday, August 20, 2007

Save the BBC's Storyville

In an email sent August 17, 2007, the International Documentary Association reported: "The BBC is conducting an intensive internal spending review and, according to well-placed sources, the Corporation is planning to reduce Storyville’s annual budget from £2.2m to £1m - a 60% cut. The impact will turn Storyville into an acquisition strand by abolishing funding for its UK co-productions. This means there will be some 25 less documentary commissions a year for UK directors and producers."

Readers of Documentary Storytelling, Second Edition (2007) may remember the interview with Storyville ommissioning editor Nick Fraser (chapter 20), and discussion of the many films the strand has helped bring to air, including So Much So Fast, Murderball, and Trembling before G-d.

The IDA asks those concerned to sign a petition protesting the cuts, at, and in addition to contact fellow media professionals, the BBC, and others.

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