Saturday, April 5, 2008

Archival Storytelling!

Archival Storytelling, a new book I've written with Kenn Rabin, is out of our hands and into the publisher's! Focal Press, a division of Elsevier, will be releasing it in October 2008.

Featuring conversations with industry leaders including Patricia Aufderheide, Hubert Best, Peter Jaszi, Jan Krawitz, Lawrence Lessig, Stanley Nelson, Rick Prelinger, Geoffrey C. Ward and many others, Archival Storytelling is an essential, pragmatic guide to one of the most challenging issues facing filmmakers today: the use of images and music that belong to someone else.

Much more than a how-to, it explores practical, creative, and ethical issues surrounding the use of third-party materials, and defines key terms—copyright, fair use, fair dealing, public domain, orphan works and more. And it challenges filmmakers to become not only archival users but also archival and copyright activists, ensuring their ongoing ability as creators to draw on the cultural materials that surround them.

For a preview review, go to Spoke Digital Films. Thanks, Dustin!


  1. I will be sure to check this book out at some point. My favorite aspect of documentary storytelling is working with archival material :)

  2. Anonymous10/21/2008

    I have to get this ASAP. I loved Documentary Storytelling and I must get this guide as well.