Sunday, October 12, 2008

Objectivity and balance in public broadcasting

"In October of 2007, CPB announced a Request for Proposals on seven mutually-exclusive research topics regarding objectivity and balance in public broadcasting..." -- read more, and find the resulting reports, at

  • The Accountable Guardian: Concepts in Tension - The Challenge of Ensuring both Objectivity and Balance and Editorial Independence by Jeffrey A. Dvorkin and Alan G. Stavitsky, Ph.D.
  • Objectivity and Balance: Conceptual and Practical History in American Journalism by Alan G. Stavitsky, Ph.D. and Jeffrey A. Dvorkin,
  • Objectivity & Balance: How Do Readers and Viewers of News and Information Reach Conclusions Regarding Objectivity and Balance? by Natalie Jomini Stroud, Ph.D. and Stephen D. Reese, Ph.D.
  • Objectivity & Balance: Today's Best Practices in American Journalism by Joel Kaplan

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