Saturday, February 21, 2009

Anything for a buck? Two views of advertising in the entertainment industry

Click here to read a 2005 white paper from the WGA east and west, "Are You SELLING To Me?": Stealth Advertising in the Entertainment Industry. "...[T]ens of millions of viewers are sometimes being sold products without their knowledge, sold in opaque, subliminal ways, and sold in violation of governmental regulations. Professional writers are now required to be complicit in these practices, and it is for these reasons that the Writers Guild of America, west and East have published this white paper. We seek to explain just what product integration is, why it has recently become so prevalent, and what we think can and should be done about it."

And here's a link to a discussion (lament?) about a far more overt form of cashing in, "Songs from the Heart of Marketing Plan," a 2008 The New York Times piece by Jon Parele. "Musicians have to eat and want to be heard, and if that means accompanying someone else’s sales pitch or videogame, well, it’s a living," Pareles writes. "Why wait for album royalties to trickle in, if they ever do, when licensing fees arrive upfront as a lump sum? It’s one part of the system of copyright regulations that hasn’t been ravaged by digital distribution, and there’s little resistance from any quarters."

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