Wednesday, May 20, 2009

3rd edition - let me know what you think

If you use Documentary Storytelling -- whether the first or second edition -- in your own work or in teaching others, I'd love to hear from you as I work on the third edition. I'm planning to update the case studies, add some new interviews, look at new issues (the impact of budgets and schedules on storytelling, for example) and branch out to be more explicit about storytelling in a range of documentary media (and range of lengths), for a range of purposes (not only theatrical and broadcast release, but also museum and classroom use and perhaps the use of documentary storytelling to inform policy makers, advocate for change, etc.) As much as possible, I'll be referring to projects easily available for review.

Any thoughts on this, or on what else might be useful in a third edition (to be published in the fall of 2010)? Please leave a note here (understanding that all comments and suggestions become my sole property without exception) -- and thanks!


  1. Hi Sheila,

    I've thoroughly enjoyed your new version and thrilled to see an update in the works!

    I'd love to see a chapter or some coverage including the use of documentaries being used by organizations. Let me know if you need any suggestions.


    Thomas Clifford
    Corporate Filmmaker

  2. Hi Thomas -- Interesting suggestion (I've been trying to get data on use of documentaries in the Clinton White House, which I've heard about anecdotally but haven't been able to verify) -- what kinds of organizations, which documentaries, and how would I find out? Thanks! SCB